Finger Lakes 'Big Time' section is a tribute to Peter Gabriel, a premiere artist of our time, and all the people, everybody everywhere who made it big in rock & roll, showbiz, theate, cooking, music, broadway, politics, education, science, literature, sports, history, humanitarian efforts, community contributions or any human passion. Bravo! Bravo! Encore. The tenacity of the human spirit.

Ed Sayles

Peter Gabriel is a British rock star, singer, songwriter, record producer and humanitarian. He grew up in Chobham England, a small town of only 3,799 people. Gabriel rose to popular fame with the progressive rock band Genesis. A daring creative civil critic visually; this work is clearly seen on his hit song about animal experiments Shock the Monkey.
John Sincebaugh made  the big time 34 years in the service including work at The Pentagon with General Douglas MacArthur. Jim Orman is a decorated war hero from Viet Nam including three volunteer tours behind enemy lines as an intelligence officer.
Ed Sayles is absolutely Big Time! The prolific work; his amazing contribution is difficult to scope. When one considers the funding resources for regional theatre, summer stock or children's theatre; the time constraints and quickly shifting ensembles; it is a miracle that Ed Sayles put out so many great shows; a legacy in all three areas.

Richard and John Contiguglia are identical twins from Auburn, NY. They began playing duets at the age of five. When they were twelve years old Percy Grainger presented them with two signed copies of his piano scores.Alumni of the prestigious Yale School of Music, they became world renowned duo pianists. The indentical twins play uncanny as if it were one person with four hands. They have performed the most elegant concert halls in the world including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Orchestral Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and The Concertgebow in Amsterdam.

Thommie Walsh will always be one of the great Music Theatre
The Finger Lakes Region has many people who made the Big Time in their respective fields. We hope you enjoyed a small sample from a place with a deep history of human excellence.