Bob Bergan is not only a top professional he is a constant force for developing culture in the community. His diverse interests include organic food and farming, healthy living and the study of essential oils.

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Susan Baran is not only one of the nicest people you could ever meet; her business administration and customer relations skills have helped to grow All Storage, a very successful local company.
Rich Raymond is another one of the nicest people in the world. He is also owner of Auburn Auto Alignment, a local business for nearly 18 years.
community; a group of people living in the same place; a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing.
Tim "Tames" Nolan is a Veteran, a graduate of New York University, a performer, a top level sales person and a generous individual with a dynamic sense of wit and humor. The Nolan family has many great sales people for generations. Like many family owned businesses in Auburn; big business got too big. Still the local family legacies remain. Still the same families contribute. In honor of veterans who didn't make it home and family businesses lost in the battle of monopoly expansion and a gigantic advantage in purchasing power; we dedication this special version of WHEN I'M GONE.
Gerard Martin is truly one of the great educators from Auburn City School District. Teaching for four decades, his passion for American History, Civil Rights and the dedication to his students distinguishes him from most. Years later they will say that "Mr. Martin" was one of the best teachers they ever had and a powerful influence on their lives.
Kathy Kouwe, owner of BACK TO NATURE and Sheryl Puylara, owner of ELEMENTS Salon and Day Spa; are two entrepreneurs from Seneca Falls, home of the first Women's Rights Convention. Both women have established successful businesses in the area.

     Cayuga Community College  

Steve Keeler

Professor Steven Keeler, Division Chair, and Bob Frame, Director of Theatre, have been the true definition of commitment, passion and hard work for years. You can find them both on LinkedIn. They have contributed notable high standards to the educational, cultural and entertainment landscape of The Finger Lakes.
When a goose is injured, a goose will go down with the injured goose, and guard it until it recovers or dies.
A mate will put itself in danger to protect the mate.
Parents will also place themselves in danger to protect the young.
The best people anywhere, regardless of what they do or what they have; like the Canada Goose; are the ones that you can count on, really count on.
The SPENO Family is a long standing community family. Barb (Speno) Walsh has been active in the Auburn Community since she was a junior high school student.
Cynthia Bouley is an exceptional business woman; a leader, great mom and a significant story of success. The Bouley family has been an important active part of the community for generations. Find Cynthia on Linked In.

Principal/Owner Aversa Agency, Inc.


Meaghan Cologgi is the owner of Muddy Paws Grooming. She is not only a "dog whisperer"; Meaghan is a deeply spiritual person and a strong advocate for organic products. She is working on Pet Tips, Meaghan's Magic!
Jim Orman is a war hero and also Cayuga County Treasurer. Jim has overhauled the City of Auburn finances and is the best guy you can meet. View his breath taking speech. Jim is a fine leader; a very classy person.
Retired Veteran of 34 years Master Sergeant John Sincebaugh is one of the most respected people in the community. His work included time at the Pentagon serving with General Douglas MacCarthur. John's family, old fashioned Irish, are generous with no rival.
Renaissance Woman Catherine Burroughs has made tremendous contributions to The Finger Lakes Region. Her work at Cornell University and Wells College and are just a few mentions of her legacy in education. Author of six books, maverick, leader and mom.
Elements Salon & Day Spa
Sheryl Puylara Owner
Svante Myrick was elected Mayor of Ithaca, NY, at the age of 24; the youngest Mayor in the history of New York State. Mayor Myrick has made significant improvements in the "Quality of Life" in The Finger Lakes."
Maureen "Mo" Quigley is one of the truly gifted and talented people in the region. She is an exceptional singer, actress, performer and creative force. Maureen is also a business woman, an organizer and professional Network Marketer for 15 years. She is a courageous soul with a great sense of humor and noble character.
Finger Lakes Community
Bill Ryan is a key part of the history of Aurora, NY and a bank that was founded in 1864 by Henry Wells of Wells College and Wells Fargo. Bill is CEO, Chairman of the Board and President of Cayuga Lake National Bank since 1960. "A good judge of character" word has it and a down to earth individual who will go the extra extra miles in the dead of winter to solve community financing. His hallmark community service is unique in the banking industry today. Cayuga Lake National Bank has 149 years of progressive growth to over 100 million in assets.

Kelly Cortini

Marty Sincebaugh

Steve & Bob are on Linked In.

'truthspaper'  thanks Rich Raymond, Susan Baran, the entire Sincebaugh family, especially Mike & Marty, Meaghan Cologgi, Jim Orman, Kelly Cortini, Tammy Nolan, Barb Walsh, Catherine Burroughs and Gerard Martin for support and inspiration.
People make the difference in every community.

Jim Tripiciano a.k.a. Jim Trip or just "Trip" is an active member of The Knights of Columbus. A guy that makes everybody laugh and have fun. Two people who were key in the production of this publication were Marty and Kelly. They both can be found on Linked In. Bravo. Thanks.


This region has many local clubs. The VFW, American Legion, Knights of Columbus, Hibernians, Sons of Italy, Ukranianian National, Polish Falcons and more. The true diverse spirit of America and a  premiere Veterans Memorial.
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